Case Studies

Case 1: Relentless Pursuit of Satisfaction

When a southern U.S. stamping house was "no-quoted" on a developmental job for a high-end automotive customer, B-TEC stepped in and agreed to build three dies for them. The job had never been done before in a die, and there were many gray areas to be addressed in development. We were confident that we had the skill sets necessary to bring the project to fruition.

When the die was completed per the stamping house's designs, it did not perform as expected. It worked, but our engineers knew it could work better. Although the stamping house's requirements had been met, we continued to work with them to assure their satisfaction and ultimately that of their customer. Using our own resources, we consulted with industry experts and tweaked the design to refine a process in the die. We ran a limited production in-house to assure it would meet their needs before turning it over to the stamping house for use.

Case 2: Flexing Our Productive Muscles

A tool and die shop approached B-TEC for assistance when one of its customers moved up delivery dates for a very large program. Details of the die required wire EDM and machining. In a very short amount of time, we were able to take several of the designs and program them into our machining to produce and deliver the parts necessary to help the other shop meet its delivery dates.

This type of flexibility and horsepower is uncommon in the industry and comes from B-TEC's finely tuned processes for design and production. Through years of experience and refinement, our operations are highly structured to maximize opportunities for scheduling and machine availability.

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