Progressive Die Stamping


Btec’s stamping processes utilize 11 presses ranging from 45 to 1000 Tons. We offer short run and high volume production to meet your needs.

Our presses are up to date with the latest controls, safety equipment and servo feeders which provide our customers with the most efficient, safe and cost effective stampings.

In addition, with our compliment of skills and equipment we can complete your stamped product with secondary operations of welding, assembly, plating and other processes.

Our team will design, build and manufacture your tool or die all in-house. Please see Tool & Die Services for additional information.

45 Ton to 1000 Ton

200 Ton Stamping 400Ton Stamping 1000t press shop stamping

Customer Design Idea's to Reality

Stamped Parts 1 Stamping Stamped Parts 2 Stamping Stamped Parts 4 Stamping Stamped Parts 5 Stamping IMG_2869