10 Year Anniversary-Metal Manufacturers

July 15th, 2013
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Btec was pleased to bring all of our employees together this past weekend, to celebrate a milestone, our 10 Year Anniversary! The 10 Year Anniversary celebration began with Btec renting one of the restaurants at Citizens Bank Park. We invite all our employees, and their significant others, to help us celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary with some delicious foods and beverages at the Park before the main event for the day. Our team then had the chance to enjoy some more rest and relaxation with a baseball game, with the Philadelphia Phillies playing a game against the Chicago White Sox.

Btec has a great group of people that have been the key contributors to the success of Btec Solutions for the past 10 years. We don’t just consider each other to be co-workers, we consider ourselves to be a team. For the past 10 years our team is dedicated to being innovative and data-driven while we work with our great customers in many industries — Government, Oil, Energy, AeroSpace, Automobile and more. We look forward to the many continued years of success together with our customers and this amazing team. Btec works hard to keep moving forward in the metal manufacturing business.

At our 10 year Anniversary, we reflect that Btec’s workshop is running 6 days a week and many hours a day providing Precision metal manufacturing and stamp & die work so we can work hard for our customers and innovate the industry. So not only was it a very pleasurable time at the Phillies game and to bring everyone together to celebrate our success, but it is a great privilege to have so many talented people enjoying their time together OUTSIDE of the plant. Btec is nothing without our team of engineers, machinists, programmers, and everyone who makes our team worth playing on!

Thank you to everyone who makes this metal manufacturing machine run! To 10 more (or even more) years of success!


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