EDM Laser Weld

EDM and Laser Welding

Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM)

Btec uses the underutilized Electrical Discharge Machine or EDM technology to unlock the ability to design and produce parts without the restriction that other traditional metalworking processes may have. EDM makes it possible to work with metals for which traditional machining techniques are ineffective or difficult. Please note that EDM machining will only work with materials that are electrically conductive.

The EDM process is has been most commonly used in the Tool and Die industry for mold-making, however in more recent years EDM has started to play a larger role in making prototype and production parts throughout many industries. Btec’s Wire, Sinker, and Drill EDM equipment give us the ability to produce short-run or single piece tooling, the aforementioned rapid prototypes, and precision metal production of products.

The wire EDM used on the machining area creates a discharge that manufactures a crater in the workpiece. The workpiece can be inclined, which makes it possible to make parts with taper or with different profiles on both the top and bottom sections of the piece being worked on. There is never any mechanical contact between the electrode and workpiece which is unique to most CNC processes. The wire is usually made of brass or stratified copper and is between 0.1 and 0.3 mm diameter.

Laser Welding

Laser welding gives us the ability to attach pieces of Titanium, Inconel, Cobalt, and other metal material together via a laser beam. Btec performs Laser Welding with a new Mobile 300 Watt Laser. This laser weld technology can be used to repair dies, molds and individual parts with a high powered beam. The mobility of the laser allows for performing welds on components of almost any size for Automotive to Energy to Aerospace products and everything in between. The laser’s abilities and versatility lend itself to endless welding project possibilities.


Electrical Discharge Machine Electrical Discharge Machine Electrical Discharge Machine Electrical Discharge Machine

Laser Welding

EDM Laser Weld EDM Laser Weld EDM Laser Weld EDM Laser Weld