CMM Quality Inspection

Quality Assurance

Btec’s strength is bringing complex parts from engineering ideas on paper to a high quality, precision made, tangible manufactured product.

Our talented Quality Team is an integral part of making sure every part we manufacture and fabricate meets the specifications, and requirement of our customers and is built with the highest precision. The Team is experienced and works diligently to bring the best metal manufactured items to our customers, so testing items we make is just another step in the process.  Btec’s Team prides itself on the product’s quality and quality assurance we provide through our manufacturing process.

Regardless of how tight your project’s tolerance is, our Team will make sure that every part is within tolerance, or it will not ship.

Housed in a climate-controlled ‘glass’ room, Btec has three CMM’s up to 120in that the inspection team uses to audit our manufactured products. The team also works with a Smartscope Flash machine, which can visually monitor items, scanning for deviations, cracks, flaws and structural design. When required our team will check 100% of each product with a CMM, checking for any deviations, item sizes, radii, angles, and more, and report them to machinists or directly to our customers, depending on the stage of the QA workflow process. Depending on the type of work we are creating in the shop some products have automated laser inspection on the floor built into the production process.

Btec utilizes a fully integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System to run and track every item and action of business.  All quality documentations from certifications and customer specifications are electronically attached to the product throughout the process. Our ERP system provides us with all the tracking, traceability and documentation required from A to Z. We are documenting workflow, timelines, and verification of testing simultaneously.

Btec is proud to be ISO9001Certified.

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ISO 9001 Certifications

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