Renishaw AM 400 Innovative leader in Additive Manufacturing

November 9th, 2018

Additive ManmufacturingBtec has been working with Renishaw for many years. As a company we have found their products to meet our needs. The investment to setup Additive Manufacturing using the Renishaw AM400 has met our expectations. Btec has spent a great dealt of effort to incorporate the Additive Manufacturing process into our production.  Btec as a company has seen the benefits of Renishaw’s diverse product line. Their quality and service has been second to none.

We are happy to now be using Renishaw’s AM 400 machine in our production process. This machine has come to fit our needs as a company. As we expand to include Additive Manufacturing  it has opened up virtually unlimited possibilities for us to support our customers with greater options. Our ability to make parts with the 3d printing process is an advantage for us and our customers. By designing parts to work with this system it is both time and cost effective. Btec as a company is always invested to look at the future of the industry and see how the market is driving new technology.

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