Laser Marking Capabilities

October 7th, 2016
Laser Marking

Our job is never done when it comes to learning, growing and expanding the way Btec manufactures precision metal parts for our customers. Now Btec continues that trend by to expand our internal capabilities with the purchase and installation of a new in-house Laser Marking system. The need and benefit for Part Marking a product is evident and a requirement for numerous industries and our customers. Our customers are important to us, so we made a change.

Our new Laser Marking machine helps to streamline production and delivery. Previously this process would be outsourced adding up to a week before a customer would receive a shipment. This process is now done internally within a few minutes of production.  We can now mark items as needed from project to project with no hassle, and all under our very own roof.

Marking items is one thing, but the reason we mark metal products is for transparency.  If there is an item that is made– let’s say an Aerospace company, our Laser Marker will not only mark the item, but it will ping our ERP system logging the number into the system. We can go back to this item number in the future if a similar item is needed by a customer.

This is another step for Btec to take in the right direction towards reducing customers lead-times, streamlining the production process, and providing our customers the best quality products with low costs, on-time. We pride our work on our quality and by adding this new Laser Marking machinery we are giving, not just ourselves, but our customers added benefits of being a one-stop-shop for all of our client’s needs.



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